Regulatory Communications - December 2017

Monthly roundup of international regulatory news

The Internet of Things & (Re)Insurance: Grappling with the Regulatory Challenges

The Internet of Things is increasingly taking hold across societies and economies. This article discusses some of its potential impacts on the future (re)insurance landscape and the regulatory challenges it brings.

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Resources for Determining Risk Location

Risk location is a fundamental consideration when placing business in the Lloyd's market. Lloyds.com provides many resources to help assist in determining the legal location of risk.

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What's new

What's New archive

Regulatory market bulletins

Australia - Australia New South Wales (NSW)

Additional Stamp Duty exemptions announced


Change to the traceability of transactions with public sector organisations


San Marino
Coverholders in San Marino transacting Italian risks must be registered with IVASS


Lloyd's has withdrawn its UVG licence with effect from 31 December 2018


US - Connecticut
Updated commercial mid-term cancellation rules


US - Indiana
Updated commercial mid-term cancellation content and non-renewal content


US - Iowa, Minnesota
Updated commercial lines mid-term cancellation content

US - South Carolina
New notice to the insured requirements


US - Virgin Islands
Hurricane claims adjusting requirements



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